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To establish the greatest work environment in the business in which our professionals provide client happiness while also providing safe, responsible, and timely service
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Safety First



Team work

Our Vision
As a freight transportation organization, our goal is to deliver excellent customer service, have a beneficial influence on the community and the environment, and generate world-class professionals that represent our company

FEMA organization

DS Logistics is a team of compassionate and committed associates their time and talent to serve the community. Our team works with FEMA organizations throughout the country, risking their life, time to help those in need.
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Experienced dispatcher who goes above and beyond in order to ensure that our business is thriving!I know all the lanes and how to "CONSISTENTLY" keep our trucks on the right side of Profit margins!

“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stressed; working hard for something we love is called passion”.
Our dispatchers' work is critical to day-to-day operations. Dispatchers ensure that all routes are filled in the order in which they are given, and that truck operators receive timely instructions and respond to requests for operational information throughout the day. Additionally, we are responsible for responding to customer and team inquiries. We partner with individuals who place a premium on safety and customer service.

This is precisely why I assert that this is the "love-what-you-do" approach.
I can get tasks done whatever it takes.
Self motivated and proactive, I'm always ready to hit targets and grosses.
The company helps everyone who wants to have a high quality service.

“Every day I get to do something i love and make an impact on people's lives”

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We are serviced by an authorized Freightliner dealership
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