Etiquette for Truck Drivers at Rest Areas

Over the years, the reputation of American truck stops has been up and down. To compete with five-star hotels, truck stops now provide state-of-the-art utilities, technology, and amenities. Truck stops are experiencing a renaissance across the country, as truckers rediscover the importance of sharing and caring for one another. As a result of this, truck stop etiquette stays the same for truckers.

Slow down and enjoy the ride

Truck stops have a lot of people passing through. You never know what you're going to run into in the middle of the street. Take it easy and slow down. Regardless of who is to blame, no trucker want to inflict harm on anyone. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the traffic patterns at your usual destinations.

Occupy a Designated Parking Spot

Most truck stop parking areas are well designated. You don't want to inconvenience other vehicles by parking your truck in an unusual location. Make sure you park in the designated spaces. When it comes to getting in and getting out, it's better to do it the other way around. As a result, you'll be less likely to have to ask other truckers for assistance in relocating their trucks after you depart.

Vacations on Fuel Islands aren't an option

Fuelling is the only purpose of the fueling stations. Stay away from the fuel island for a 30-minute break, a shower, or to finish paperwork. Many a trucker has been effected by the misconception that gasoline islands are only used during weekends and vacations. Relocate your truck to a designated parking area once you've filled up.

Don't Knock on the Clock All the Time

Avoid ringing cab doors unless it's an absolute need. Disrupting a trucker's sleep routine for a cup of sugar is terrible manners for everyone. There are exceptions to this rule, such as if you have been invited or someone is expecting you to arrive.

Take Any Waste You May Have With You

Mother Nature is calling, but there's no restroom to answer her call after a long day of driving. Receptacle: All truckers carry a yellow "not-so-mellow" container. Avoid leaving your "trucker bombs" in your parking lot for others to pick up and dispose of. Do the right thing and take them to a suitable lavatory or trash can.

Clothes are not optional

You may be at ease in your birthday suit, but it doesn't mean that everyone feels the same way about that. Cover yourself up for the sake of everyone. If you want to be taken seriously as a professional truck driver, you need to appear like one.

Get in there and provide a hand

Having been a truck driver for a long time, you may have needed the assistance of another driver. Return the favor and be ready to join in when asked. As a trucker, always put your fellow drivers first, even if it means taking a second look at an in-trip inspection or steering a motorist out of a parking area.


Stay one of those truckers that give back to the business you love by following our guidelines for truck stop courtesy. We are tasked with a difficult yet crucial task. While we're at it, let's be nice to each other.